los angelenos in disguise pt. 2

after the wonderful exploration in temecula and the short-lived night of beer, wine, and tapas, we’re back on the grounds of irvine and its satellite cities. in pt. 1, we left off at the o.c. mart mix where along with its boutiques, offers a small garden of bamboos, reeds, cacti, and flowers that are indigenous to the socal region.

reed stalks!

so why not take an advantage of the backdrop? and we did.

the red carpet walk

there is a hidden gem in costa mesa that many people are either unaware of or take for granted. it’s called the isamu noguchi sculpture park aptly named ‘california scenario’. unlike other sculpture parks that display a variety of sculptures, california scenario is a park that is a sculpture as whole.

the river that is too wide to cross

the park is ‘an abstract analogue of the state of california from mexico to the oregon border, and the pacific ocean to the colorado river’. noguchi was a ‘play advocate’ and meant this ‘sculpture’ to be played on, and we did.

alpha plus angels

not only does it function as a piece of art but also as an artsy backdrop. so we go at it again.

senior portraits?

and this time, i’m not the only one behind the camera. sophie and jina were kind enough to be shutterbugs themselves. the results? quite pleasing.

silly us!

yes, the first time i debut my face on my own blog and i’m posing like a clown. but hey, better than nothing.

classy? i think so

so where is this park located? It’s enclosed by two skyscrapers, hyundai motors america and comerica bank near south coast plaza. if you want to venture out to this place, make sure to park at the mall parking lot and walk over two blocks, as the parking nearby is a whopping buck fifty for every quarter-hour you stay.

twirl, twirl, twirl!

just in case you’re wondering, for all the pictures on this blog, i used a canon eos 40d paired with either a 17-40 or a 50. i know my 40d is a dinosaur, but it gets the job done.

beautiful smiles on beautiful faces

like naïve little girls

did i mention how wonderful these girls are? sophie and jina are witty, intelligent, and culturally refined ladies whose tastes in food, drinks, and music are unparalleled with anyone! perfect travel companions, i say.

best friends forever

sophie being sophie, of course

okay, we got pictures. next: time to hit the beach to watch the sun dip in the pacific. crystal cove, i choose you.

en route to laguna

a brief stroll took us to the ocean, wide open. it was a bit windy, but romantic nevertheless.

sunset at laguna beach

thankfully, we were able to make it to the sunset. we quietly enjoyed as the sun disappeared into the horizon.

back to reality, these girls are going back to the city

until next time girls.

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