pronounced “verst-koo-shah” (with hard german accent please), “wurstküche” means meals made with sausage. and that is exactly what our experience was at this bratwurst joint. welcome to the l.a. arts district.


with the barn-red, wooden sliding doors, the entrance of wurstküche reminds you of a meat-packing factory. the somewhat austere exterior carries through the inside of the shop.

entrance area bar seating

the modern interior (perhaps too edgy) is well conceived with the rest of the shop. the ordering area, the bar area, and the picnic-styled communal seating area were well integrated. but i am no architect or an interior designer for that matter, so let’s skip to the good stuff: food.

the menu

the menu is quite unorthodox with alligator and rattlesnake as part of the offering. being the rabbit fan that i am, i went with the rabbit, veal & pork sausage. with the order, i also got pomme frites with bleu cheese walnut & bacon and tzatziki (greek yogurt) sauces.

the grill

the ‘kitchen’ and the register were in the same area. the idea was to order up front, take a number and steins, and have the servers bring out the food to you.

the register

it was a bit crowded at first, but we were able to find a spot in no time. service was quick and smooth as expected.

the biergarten

the beer menu was simply amazing with the following on draft: affligem, chimay, la chouffe, st. bernardus abt 12 to list a few from belgian side; aventinus, köestritzer, weihenstephan from the german side. the list expands with imported bottles from belgië and deutschland. not so impressive was the inclusion of pabst blue ribbon. seriously? pbr?

köstritzer schwarzbier & rabbit, veal, and pork bratwurst

i wanted to get weihenstephan dunkelweizen, but they had ran out of this for the night, so i resorted (as in second best choice) to the köestritzer schwarzbier. excellent, excellent selection to go with my gamey sausage.

köestritzer schwarzbier
köestritzer schwarzbrauerei gmbh & co., germany
schwarzbier, 4.80% abv

sausage fest, literally

the sausage was delicious and so were the fries. my friends from seattle yong-moo and ashley also enjoyed their’s as well. the eating area wasn’t terribly loud even with full seating. after our delicious meal, i couldn’t but introduce my friends to the world of intelligentsia, so i took them to the location in old pasadena.

intelligentsia in old pasadena

it was the third intelligentsia location that i’ve been to. venice, silverlake, now pasadena. (san fernando, wait patiently). unlike the others, this one serves food and (wait for it) beer! the good kind too.

intelligentsia coffee & tea
55 e colorado blvd
pasadena, ca 91103

the serving area

like any other intelligentsia, they had the standard equipment with standard attitude. more chill than venice baristas, but more professional than silverlake kids.

the espresso list

another thing to point out would be a drink named ‘angeleno’, just a fancy name for an iced latte with sugar. my friends ordered these and as always i ordered a macchiato.

bear republic mugs

while waiting for our drinks to be prepared, i took a mini tour of the place. there were small round tables, a couple of long, wooden tables, a coffee bar, a tapa bar, and other generic coffee shop props.

macchiato and coffee cake

so we talked and talked until our mouths and cups dried up.

coffee and photos

we snapped a couple of instax photos and left for downtown again, to go to ‘the edison’. well at least that was our intention. it was closed for sunday.

the interior of the shop

so what did we do? to pick up our disappointed souls, we went to the los angeles county museum of art (or lacma). makes perfect sense right? why in the world would we go to an art museum 10pm on a sunday night?

urban lights

for this. nothing special really. just a lot of closely arranged street lights in various shape and sizes. but we had a blast; we climbed on the posts, took photos of ourselves, laughed obnoxiously and most importantly, we enjoyed the good company.

so, is wurstküche worth a second visit? until i discover a better one in the area, this will be my go-to gastropub. lasst trinken das boot!

800 e 3rd st

los angeles, ca 90013

overall: ☆☆☆☆
price: $$½

– biergarten setting
– exotic sausages with mind-blowing dips for fries
– huge selection of belgian & german on tap

– pricey
– limited seating

verdict: sausage fest + oktoberfest = best fest (not really but for the sake of rhyming)

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