huntington beach

you could travel the world but nothing comes close to the golden coast. although hardly any daisy dukes were spotted, i’d have to agree with katy on that. if laguna were a rendezvous for the artsy crowd, huntington is for anybody and everybody.

beach houses on the sunset beach

since i wasn’t expecting huntington beach to take up such a huge stretch of the coast, i ended up visiting three different beaches. i started off with the sunset beach, then the dog beach, and finally the main beach. although each one served a different purpose, the beach was uniformly beautiful in all three.

clear blue sky and warm white sand

after a brief stroll at the sunset beach, i decided to get on the us-1 and head southward to my next destination. since dogs weren’t allowed to enter any of the other beaches, this one was designated specifically for dogs.

bipeds and quadrupeds in perfect harmony

i’ve never seen so many dogs on a beach. i think i saw one slurping sea water too, but let’s hope that i saw otherwise. i kind of wanted to watch people play on the beach not dogs, so i moved onto the next one: the main beach.

the pier at huntington

a myriad of stores related to surfing dominated the main streets along with some bars, boutiques, and mexican restaurants. exotic vehicles and exotic people were also easily spotted in the surf city. the crowd consisted of a good mix of everything. from babies in strollers to seniors in walkers, from boys in wetsuits to girls in bikinis, and from choppers on cruisers to greenies in nissan leafs, huntington beach was, as a passerby noted, diverse and eclectic. speaking of eclectic, venice beach will soon be explored.

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